Rooted In Strength  (Morning workshop for adults)

Improving your mental health as a farmer or rural producer.

Monday, April 29 @ Olds College - Duncan Marshall Place

9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Farming just isn't quite like other professions - the unique mix of home and work spaces, the involvement of all family members and for some, the isolation of rural living, present unique challenges for our mental health.

Just like physical safety on the farm, safety for your personal and your family's mental health requires skills to identify, assess and reduce the harm of poor mental health. Knowing this, we went in search of someone who could help you.

Cynthia Beck is a suicide intervention responder in rural Saskatchewan. A producer herself, she understands the stresses of farming, and realizes that mental health resources in rural areas can be limited. Her workshop focuses on what you can do to help yourself maintain better mental health. 

For more information on her workshops please click here.

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Cynthia Beck

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Know safety, no injury.  No safety, know injury. 

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