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Round bales in farm field
The 2021 online version of our workshop has been completed. We are working to provide a combination of online and in-person training in 2022. If you are interested, drop us a message and we will put you on the mailing list.
To give you an idea of what our training looks like, here is the 2020 version information for reference only.

Here we go again - for the 15th year! We are excited to bring you this year's edition of the Young Farm Workers Safety Training Workshop. We look forward to meeting you at the workshop.

Important:  Please read through the following information before registering. It will help you make the correct choices on your registration.

1. Who is the workshop for?

  • Young Farm Workers ages 14+

  • Green Certificate Program Students, Parents, Supervisors & Coordinators

  • Parents of all the students are encouraged to attend

  • Anyone looking to get their Level A CPR Course (offered at the same time as the workshop as an optional choice for safety training)

2. What does the workshop cost?

  • The workshop fee is $45.00 per person.

  • If you are registered with the Green Certificate Program your workshop fees are covered by the program.

  • If you are taking Level A CPR instead of the workshop, the fee is $75.00 per person. Everyone registered in CPR needs to pay the fee. 

  • Lunch is included in the workshop and CPR course.

3. Where is the workshop?

  • The workshop is at Olds College.

  • Meet us in Duncan Marshall Place for registration and the first sessions. (You will be sent a map.)

4. What does the workshop cover?

  • The workshop helps young farm workers establish good safety practices that will reduce injuries on the farm. 

  • We focus on a "Think it Thru" model of risk assessment and reduction.

  • The workshops are a combination of information, discussion, demonstrations and hands-on learning.

  • Reducing injuries includes a healthy mental state so we look at this as well.

  • Lunch is included courtesy of the Olds College Recruitment Team. You can listen to what Olds College has to offer you!


5. Session Information: (for reference only - topics change yearly)

  •  We welcome back Cynthia Beck to this year's workshop. Throughout the day, Cynthia will work with the workshop participants to help them understand, identify and cope with mental health issues related to farming and farm life. Her real life experience with farming, depression, suicide intervention and raising a family makes her the perfect person to handle this difficult topic.

  • Think it Thru - four quick questions to help you identify, assess, and control risk on the farm.

  • Students rotate through three morning sessions using the Think it Thru model. Large equipment, grain handling and livestock emergency response are tentatively scheduled.

  • Lunch provided by Olds College Recruiting - listen to a presentation to what Olds College has to offer you.

  • Presentation by Fortis addressing the increasing concerns of power line safety. As our farm equipment gets larger, our chances of power line touches are increasing. Bring all your questions regarding power and power lines to this session.

  • Afternoon pick a session: You will be required to pick one of the following for the afternoon session:

  1. Equine First Aid: ​For Green Certificate Students registered in Equine, this course meets their equine first aid requirements. Session is open to all students wanting to learn about equine safety.

  2. Auction Mart Tour: Join the group in a tour of the Olds Auction Mart to learn how young workers are protected in the auction mart work environment and how livestock is handled safety. Your session leaders are very experienced in this area so bring your questions.

  3. Fire Extinguisher Safety: Receive your fire extinguisher certification in this session. You will learn about the different fires, fire extinguishers and will practice extinguishing a fire. This is a skill that every farm person needs to learn.

6. AGR 2950: There is one credit available for AGR 2950 with the completion of this workshop, the accompanying workbook you receive at the workshop and with the completion of a farm safety inspection. This credit is arranged through your school off campus coordinator or with the Green Certificate Program Coordinator.

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