Young Farm Worker Safety Training Workshop

Next Workshop - April 2021

Olds College - Olds, Alberta

Welcome to the Young Farm Worker Safety Training Workshop website. We know that safety and safety training can be a little on the "dry" side, but we hope that you stick around long enough to find out what this training workshop is all about.


We have been providing this safety training for young farm workers in Central Alberta for 14 years. We are thrilled that other communities are doing their own farm safety workshops in other regions. This page is specific to our workshop, but if you have questions about other areas you can send them our way and we will pass them on.


This workshop is for young farm workers ages 14+, including Green Certificate Students, Trainers and Coordinators, and parents or supervisors of young farm workers who want a refresher on farm safety. Participants who attend this workshop and complete a homework assignment that includes a Farm Hazard Assessment, can obtain 1 high school credit in AGR 2950. More information will be available at the workshop.


This workshop emphasizes "Think it Thru". This starts the correct thought process that can be applied to the various farm tasks that our young workers complete everyday. We encourage parents and supervisors to attend, so they can discuss how farm tasks are done, and to make sure they are being approached the safest way possible.


Every attempt is made to make the workshop "hands-on", realizing that we must operate within the constraints of our liability insurance. We have incorporated classroom instruction with demonstrations, facility tours, and safety skill development. We have also worked in a little bit of fun and action to keep the day rolling along.

Look through the other pages to get the latest information on the workshop before you proceed to the registration page.

Know safety, no injury.  No safety, know injury. 

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